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We're thrilled to be working with Vancity on a new online community project that will be unveiled this summer. The project will create an online community where people in the Lower Mainland & Victoria can find information, tools and connections to inspire and support change in their own lives, their communities, and the world.

And you -- or a fabulous blogger of your acquaintance -- could be a key part of this exciting project! Vancity has just posted a call for applications for the position of community moderator. Here are all the details, hot from the craigslist posting

Blog for Vancity.

Canada's largest credit union is looking for a passionate blogger with good judgement, superb people skills, top-notch writing chops and tech smarts.

What you’ll do:

You’ll animate an online community where people in the Lower Mainland & Victoria can find information, tools and connections to inspire and support change in their own lives, their communities, and the world. You’ll...

• reach out to community members (on and offline), encouraging and helping them to contribute to our user-driven blog.

• research and write content on a wide range of topics.

• kick off discussions, moderate comments, defuse conflict and occasionally arbitrate disputes.

• keep in touch with Vancity members, staff and executives... as well as some of the most interesting community leaders in the Lower Mainland.

• maintain and groom the site, helping great user-generated content to rise to the surface.

• advise and deliver on a strategy to keep the community vibrant, diverse and growing.

Who you are:

You're at least as obsessed with what makes a great community as you are with online technology. Chances are you're involved with a volunteer or advocacy organization.

You probably have your own blog, a personal web site or an online community you call home. Basic audio and video editing hold no terrors for you, and you know your RSS from a hole in the ground.

You’re spontaneous, with an engaging, authentic online voice. You write quickly and well, with a distinctive style that works on the printed page, a static web site or a blog post, and adapts accordingly. You could interview the winner of a skateboard jam or a newly-hired CEO, and interact as comfortably and appropriately with either one.

You understand Vancity's mission, our values and what makes us different from the big banks. We don't necessarily expect you to have experience in the financial sector -- but you should have a demonstrated record of the kind of prudent judgment needed for someone communicating in the context of a regulated industry.

About the job:

We’re offering a chance to play a leadership role in a groundbreaking online community project. You get to work with a team that includes Internet innovators, change leaders and skilled communicators. If autonomy, change and making a difference are the things that rock your world, this could be your dream job.

This is a full-time entry-level contract position starting in mid to late June with some fixed hours, but we can be flexible. If you want to do a chunk of work from home or a net café, that's fine by us, but we'll need you to spend some time in the office, too. (Fortunately, Maclean's magazine has named us Canada's Best Place to Work, so you won’t mind hanging out here.) The position will run for a six-month term, with the possibility of an ongoing relationship.

How to apply:

Tell us about yourself -- your community involvement, your technical and Web knowledge, your skills as a writer and diplomat. Tell us why this position interests you, and why you’re the right person for the job. Attach a resumé that details your online, writing and community experience. Include a sample or pointer to your web writing, and a link to your blog, web site or other online presence.

Apply online here:



Trey Reeme says

June 6, 2006 - 5:35pm
Thanks for breaking this story Alex. I've followed your involvement in nonprofit blogging for quite a while (Netsquared), but I haven't tried to get involved in nonprofit blogs beyond the area I'm most comfortable in: credit unions. Looks like Vancity will be the first Canadian CU blogging with members. Very exciting news. They're known among US CUs as being a true innovator (even working on peer-to-peer lending for businesses), and here's another example of them leading the way. Cheers!

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