Noise to Signal

Killer app

Killer app(employee to boss, as giant robot wreaks havoc outside) Okay. So the good news is, my Flickr-YouTube-Twitter-Facebook-Yelp-Eventful-Jaiku-Google Maps-WordPress-Ma.gnolia-Digg-MySpace maship finally worked. The bad news...

Friend friend

Friend friend(woman to another woman, looking at a man) He's the kind of guy you want as a Facebook friend, but not as a friend friend.

What exactly is your job again?

What exactly is your job again?(Consultant pointing at empty browser window) We still need to flesh out the concept, interface, content, feature set, information architecture, use cases and business model, but there's your wireframe. That'll be $38,000.

Must be at least 8 characters, no spaces

(girl meeting her newborn baby brother) He's cute. What's his user name?

(Concept and caption by Alex.)

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