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From our bookshelf

From our bookshelfCaption: Business books: the less successful sequels -- What Color Is Your Parachute? / You, uh, did bring a parachute, right? -- Getting Things Done / Doing Things Over, Only Right This Time -- Who Moved My Cheese? / Never Mind... Turns Out I'm Lactose Intolerant -- Good To Great - ...And Back to So-So

37signals and nothing on

37signals and nothing on(A worker runs screaming past two other workers, one of whom explains to the other:) Basecamp's down.

Snooze feed

Snooze feed(person in bed, on phone) My eyeballs are currently undergoing routine maintenance. Please try again in a few hours.

Mom! He's poking me!

Mom! He's poking me!(parent reprimanding child, who is in front of a computer) No 'but's, young man! You log in and friend your sister right now!

High flyers in the boardroom

High flyers in the boardroom(one worker has a nosebleed, a second helps him while a third speaks) This has to stop happening every time we try to take the 50,000-foot view.
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New: Noise to Signal postcards

Here's a little something we're trying out on the Noise to Signal cartoon: a postcard feature.


Head to any (recent) Noise to Signal cartoon, and look for the links at the bottom. You'll find a "Send this as a postcard!" link. Click it, and you're off to the races.

Take it for a spin - I'd love to know if it's working for you!

Baby. Bathwater.

Baby. Bathwater.

(worker carrying away another worker's computer) Sorry, but it's gotta go. Management says it could be used to access Facebook.

Think blocking employees' Internet access is a bad idea? Check out Shel Holtz's Stop Blocking campaign.

Put me down, coach

Put me down, coach(coach to a client) So, as this Venn diagram clearly shows, your underlying problem is that you're a bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad person. (Caption: 'Time to look for a new executive coach.')

Green values

Green values(hiker gazing out at gorgeous vista) I look at this, and it fills me with hope that there's some way to monetize it.

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