Noise to Signal

Operating system

Operating system(doctor to patient on operating table)...And while we're in there, we figure we'll upgrade you to Mac OS X 10.5 'Leopard'.

The thrill is gone

The thrill is gone(a couple sitting on a couch with notebook computers; one speaks) When we first started dating, I'd get a trackback from you once, even twice a day.

You're in row 29. There are 28 rows.

You're in row 29. There are 28 rows.(gate attendant) Flight 6223 is now ready for pre-boarding everyone but you.

Also, it's jammed with transfats

Also, it's jammed with transfats(marketing exec to colleague) Our client's product is plutonium suspended in weaponized anthrax. Thank god the container is 100% post-consumer recycled glass, or I'd have had to turn down the account.

Information wants to be fee

Information wants to be fee(businesspeople talking) Suppose information doesn't want to be free? Suppose what information really wants is to be meted out in tiny, controlled doses at an outrageously high price?

The following takes place between your left earbud and your right earbud

The following takes place between your left earbud and your right earbud(dialogue from a TV episode) 'Where are the MP3s? WHERE ARE THE MP3S?!' 'AIEEEURRGGH!' 'This episode of 24 has been brought to you by the recording industry.'


Tagging(convention-goer pointing to credentials) This is my all-workshop pass, this is my trade show floor pass, this is my vendor VIP lounge pass, and the rest I never bothered taking off after last year's convention.

Radical transparency

Radical transparency(Criminal scheming with his cohorts) I'll cut the alarm circuit. Max, you cover the exits. Fingers, you blow the safe. And Terry will liveblog the whole thing.

Exactly what you thought it would be like

Exactly what you thought it would be like(Satan to person with laptop) For the last time, this is Hell! We don't have WiFi!


iMnesia(man in jeans and black turtleneck on stage, presenting new product) It's tiny, it's impossibly light, it's a revolution in industrial design, consumer electronics and high-speed digital processing rolled into one. And for the life of me, I can't remember what the hell it does.

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