Noise to Signal

OLD age is when you actually watch it

OLD age is when you actually watch it(one person to another) The moment when I realized I was middle-aged was the very first time I had to squint to see the 'Skip Flash Intro' link.

Dearly beloved, and those watching on Ustream...

Dearly beloved, and those watching on Ustream...Funeral home with sign in front - FREE WIFI

No respect

No respect(standup comic) So these two guys go into a bar, and... hang on a sec. I'm being heckled via SMS.

Webling rivalry

Webling rivalry(mother to older child as younger child, holding a Webby award, sticks out tongue at older child) Now, honey, of course we're still very proud of you for making the swim team. It's just that, well, a

And GMO-free

And GMO-free(commander briefing troops) Now in case of capture, you've been issued with suicide capsules... and yes, McCormack, they're 100% vegan.

One is the loneliest number

One is the loneliest number(two workers to a third co-worker arriving for a meeting) Uh, Gail, how about you go collaborate by yourself for a while?

Fee, fie, fo, fitter...

Fee, fie, fo, fitter...(person walking down the street, reading text off a mobile phone, oblivious to the giant hand about to close around him) Text: Henrietta44 is now following you on Twitter. Blue Mike is now following you on Twitter.

The upside of down(sized)

The upside of down(sized)(HR person to laid-off employee) Well, yes, but we don't call it 'down-sizing' any more. We call it our 'Freedom to Blog' program.

Going to the mattresses

Going to the mattressesA person waking up with an HTML /head tag in the bed next to them. Caption: How the HTML mafia sends a message.

AKA The Lonelygirl Lament

AKA The Lonelygirl Lament(one young man to another) All we talk about these days is pageviews and ad revenue. Whatever happened to the two crazy frat boys who just wanted to YouTube ourselves chugging habanero sauce and proje

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