Noise to Signal

Competing platforms

Competing platforms(reporter at a political rally) Both campaigns now describe themselves as being in public beta, and say they therefore can't be held responsible for any gaffes, errors or missteps.

Worth a thousand misspelled words

Worth a thousand misspelled words(curator to donr) Obviously we’re grateful, and you’re free to earmark your generous donation however you like. It’s just that it never occurred to our gallery that we might open a LOLcats wing.

And she brought doughnuts!

And she brought doughnuts!(an office team is wearily compiling material; one looks out the window at a magical being) Look, everyone! The RFP Fairy is here to finish our proposal!

No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to crash. Repeatedly.

No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to crash. Repeatedly.(Villain to a tied-up secret agent) Kill you, Mr. Bond? Oh, I'll do worse than that. As I speak, my supercomputer is installing Windows Vista on your laptop.


Vigil(participant in a candlelit vigil in front of a computer, to an onlooker) Twitter's down.

The bare necessities

The bare necessities(woman with laptop computer at posh restaurant, to waiter) I'll have the '98 Pinot Noir, the steak tartare, and a dedicated T1 line.

They'll also pass on the bris

They'll also pass on the bris(one woman to another) Honey, I don't mean to trivialize your feelings. I just don't think any of our friends would come to a shower for your new iPhone.

Anything to declare?

Anything to declare?Three customs lineups, labelled Citizens, Visitors, and Just trying to get home before my kids' bedtime

Also, ya think this "wheel" thing has any legs?

Also, ya think this "wheel" thing has any legs?(two cavepeople, eating meat from large bones) I don't know how seriously to take all this 'peak mammoth' stuff.

Open(-source) relationship

Open(-source) relationship(woman in bed with a large cartoon penguin, to her outraged lover) Oh, come on. You must have suspected SOMETHING when I switched to Linux.

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