Noise to Signal

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Cartoon: Primary colours

(One child pointing to her shoes) Do you like them? They’re Pantone 254.
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Cartoon: FOAF your way to the top

(TV election coverage) And in the seventh congressional district, it's Chen defeating Tavistock, 29,547 Facebook friends to 25,804.
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Cartoon: Survival in the workplace

(two people at a water cooler) I knew a kid like you once. Arrogant. Cocksure. Thought he didn't need to join a social network. Then one day he just... stopped existing.
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Cartoon: The things you sign in business...

(One mobster about to kill another) Try not to think of it as being whacked. Think of it as an iron-clad NDA.
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Cartoon: On Facebook, nobody knows...

(One dog using a computer, talking to a dog next to him) On Facebook, 273 people know I'm a dog. The rest can only see my limited profile.

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