Karen Fung, Research Assistant

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karen [at] socialsignal.com
Twitter: counti8

For Karen, online research is a passion — she can usually be found busily digging into journal databases, scouring blogs or chatting up developers for insight on how people are connecting, learning and playing through social media. Karen’s diligence means that we can give our clients a solidly researched context for every project: an inventory of best practices, a thorough understanding of similar and competing projects, benchmarks for success and key emerging issues.

Karen is obsessed with how people shape and are shaped by their use of the Internet. Her love of technology and its eccentricities started when she was a child and intensified during Communications Studies at university and an internship in IBM's software user experience strategy team. Karen is passionate about supporting sustainable urban transportation by building bridges between transportation authorities and community members. She co-organized Vancouver Transit Camp in 2007, a community celebration of transit, and collaborated with TransLink on the SkyTrain Security Unconference in 2008. Karen’s latest interest is combining social media and urban planning to make cities more environmentally friendly.

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