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Jessi helps Social Signal to create the kind of community we'd like everyone to have, both on and off line. She hosts online communities for our client sites and organizes Social Signal events and celebrations. It's a winding path that led Jessi to Social Signal, but it makes good sense: Jessi’s an environmental activist and a yoga teacher who's studied healing arts for the past decade. She has a knack for tuning in to people’s needs and figuring out how to make them feel relaxed and comfortable. Her experience as a healer has taught her the importance of openness, patience and humility in building community — whether it's a discussion forum or an in-person workshop, Jessi's expert at welcoming and engaging participants. Jessi spends as much time as she can outdoors, camping and hiking. She traces her commitment to the environment back to summers spent tree-planting in Northern Ontario. The experience not only solidified a strong sense of stewardship for the environment, but showed her how quickly people can bond, connect and form a community in a short period of time, when they are all working for a common goal.

When she’s not at Social Signal, Jessi is busy completing her degree in Environmental Studies and Geography.

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