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Social media, on purpose

Rob on what 2010 will bring for social media

I missed passing this along when it first came out, because I didn't know those nice CBC people had put it on YouTube. It's their segment on what to expect in 2010 for social media, based on an interview they did with me in their stunning new Vancouver studios.

Oh, god, my leg! MY LEG!

Oh, god, my leg! MY LEG!

(girl to friend, standing in front of gigantic red dog) The real reason we had to leave the city is that he humps anything that moves.

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Dear audience: Thanks for watching. You're fired.

Five ways a cancelled TV series can keep faith with its audience

Dead terminator robot

A few weeks ago, Alex and I got bad news: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was being cancelled. And not just cancelled: the production studio isn't even shopping it around. (In Terminator terms, this is like pulling the chip out of the show's skull and incinerating it.)

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Clay Shirky on social media: "I can do that, too!"

How social media is turning viewers into value contributors - on a mass scale

This is a spectacular presentation from Clay Shirky at last month's Web 2.0 Expo. He makes a compelling argument that the time-sucking power of television has masked a huge pool of creative and collaborative energy out there... and that social media are all about unleashing that energy – at TV's expense:

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Do adjust your set: viewers flock to YouTube over TV to see Obama

Alex posted yesterday about YouTube views as a proxy for the relative support for political candidates. According to this piece at TechPresident, the same may be true of the relative support for new and old(er) media:

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