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Not-so-special nearby!

Foursquare needs a little judiciousness to stay useful

Foursquare promotion

For Foursquare, the situation would seem to be straightforward: the more special offers, the better. And at first that's true.

But if the company keeps accepting deals like the Starbucks Frappuccino promotion - low-value offers available only to a tiny number of people - then that "Special Nearby" link will mean little more to users than "Come read some ads".

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Talk to me, don't talk to me

Could a simple code ease conflict over email marketing?


You're at a business event, meet someone, talk, and exchange business cards. A few days later, you discover they've subscribed you to their email newsletter. Is that legit... or is it spam?

Chris Brogan recently posted about his online business card... and about one of the reasons he's giving up on the paper kind: "Every time I give someone a business card, I have about a 70% chance of receiving someone else’s dumb email newsletter that I didn’t opt into receiving."

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It's 10 o'clock. Do you know where your reputation is?

Know the people doing your social media marketing - and their methods and ethics

Cartoon: Can I deceive people passionately, transparently and openly?

It can happen so quickly: a few misplaced tweets, an ill-considered blog post, and suddenly an organization is at the center of an online firestorm. They're called spammers and liars, and tagged with the Hashtag o' Doom, #FAIL. And the worst thing of all is they had no idea what was happening.

Where, oh where, did it all go so wrong?

Probably somewhere around the moment they decided to outsource their social media marketing.

Yes, Virginia, Santa just blocked your profile

Yes, Virginia, Santa just blocked your profile(Santa to little girl) No, you WERE on Santa's nice list. And then you spammed Santa's Facebook profile with snowballs and Christmas Sweets invitations.
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Move over, comment spam: the latest Web 2.0 scourge is here

Rash of Whiteboard Spam terrorizes Web 2.0 collaboration sites

A few days ago, we stepped out of the Social Signal offices for a little brainstorming over lunch. We'd usually do that sort of thing here - we had our walls done with whiteboard paint for exactly that reason - but a change of scenery seemed to be in order.

About 90 minutes later, we returned, only to find this on our walls:

Rough justice on the digital frontier

Rough justice on the digital frontierOld West sheriff to prisoner: Rustlers, we hang. Claim-jumpers, we hang. But fer you comment-spamming fellers, we use a melon-baller.

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