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Going for the Golden Graham

NIche messaging with social media

Reach each of your audiences with the message that speaks to them.

That's one of the central appeals of social media: the ability to target your message, affordably and appropriately, to each of the audiences you're trying to reach. Create a YouTube clip with an edge to hook your under-25s. Create a business-value app on LinkedIn to reach your b2b audience. Sponsor a mom's group on Facebook with your most family-friendly lines.

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In praise of uncertainty (I think)

I recently had an email exchange with a few colleagues, sparked by a news columnist's disdain for how two local public figures are using Twitter. And Darren Barefoot, after offering some solid advice, weighed in with this:

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Blog ROI: Put the I in ROI

10 ways to maximize your blog's ROI: Part 1, give your organization a human voice

Times are tight, which is the polite way of saying that your communications budget has probably been handed to Freddy Krueger for a light trim. So whether your organization is already blogging, or just thinking about it, you need to make a strong case for your blog's ROI.

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Election regulators and social media - oil, meet water.

Exploring the Legal Implications of Social Media in the Election Process

The CBC reports that Quebec's chief electoral officer is studying new rules on "cybercampaigning":

As the internet plays an increasingly important role in political campaigns and elections, rules and laws need to evolve in order to keep the playing field level, said Quebec elections director Marcel Blanchet.

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Bookmark Devil readers, please enjoy this stolen post

Screen capture of our blog post about on

Ep. 21 - the old-enough-to-drink episode

After more than a month of radio silence - life does love to throw the occasional spitball, no? - the drowsy duo are back. And in this episode, inspired by our hiatus, we ask what it takes to give a social media project some staying power.

The five questions we suggest you ask about your project, if you want it to still be around by the time we do our next episode:

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How your non-profit can earn revenue with Web 2.0: Part 4 - Fee for service

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How your non-profit can earn revenue with Web 2.0: Part 3 - Earning revenue with advertising

Welcome to the latest installment in our series on revenue sources for non-profit social media projects. Today, I'm looking at what many non-profits first think of (and often, recoil at) when it comes to earning money online: advertising.

If your site attracts a lot of visitors -- or even a niche community of visitors that advertisers want to reach -- you can place advertising on your site to generate revenue. There are three types of advertising to consider:

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How your non-profit can earn revenue with Web 2.0

Social media for social enterprise

Social Signal has worked with many different non-profit organizations, of varying size and means, to create a variety of social media sites, of varying scale and ambition. One thing that just about every non-profit client (and most for-profit clients) ask is about the return on investment. How can non-profits assess the financial value of their social media investments? And perhaps even more fundamentally, how can they find the money to pay for sites that can be costly to build, and just as costly to run?

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Risk and social media: the Canadian Marketing Association's Word of Mouth Marketing Conference

I just wrapped up a panel with David Jones of Fleishman-Hillard and HarperCollins' Steve Osgoode, ably animated by Scotiabank's Michael Seaton. Very smart people, these folks.

The subject was whether it's possible to market in social media and virtual worlds. But one theme kept coming up again and again: risk.

What if users say bad things about us on our blog? What if nobody shows up to participate? What if this flops?

Here's where I come down on those questions:

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