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Law and Order: Social Victims Unit

Some Twitter "crimes" are anything but

Twitter jailbird 2

Twitter's no different than any other hot social-thing-of-the-moment: if you're just getting into it, you'll find lots of people out there with advice on how to use it (including us).

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How to use social media to recruit your dream hire

Harvard Business

This week in Harvard Business Online: my post about how to Hire Smarter with Social Media. That post shares some lessons on how social media can help employers find the best people for their team, inspired by the process we used to find our latest, fantastic hire, Channing Rodman. To show these lessons in action, I'm sharing the story of social media helped us find Channing.

Channing joined us in April as a Social Media Strategist, and she has rocked our world with her terrific online instincts, brilliant writing and client diplomacy. You can use social media to hire team members who wow you just as much as Channing's wowed us, whether you're hiring for a social media gig or something entirely analog.

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"Chicks Who Click" this Saturday in Vancouver

Chicks Who Click logo

Here's an event that looks terrific: a one-day conference in downtown Vancouver for women in social media.

The details:

Chicks Who Click, a conference and networking event for women engaging in social media, is expanding internationally and will host its next conference in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Dare to be weak

When it comes to engagement, social media is the art of the possible

Running from social networks

I can't believe it!! Your organization isn't on Twitter? You don't have a Facebook page with discussion groups and a wall? You're not on MySpace, Bebo and FriendFeed?! OMFG, that's so weak! What are you thinking?!

Well, maybe you're thinking, "We don't have a large organization, and we have very few resources." Maybe you're thinking, "Some platforms make it easier to manage conversations than others." And maybe you're thinking, "I'm going to put our limited resources and finite attention where they'll do the most good."

You know what? Good for you.

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Social media moves forward

Social media questions for Industry Canada's conference on Canada's Digital Economy

Digital Economy conference logo

I'm at a Canadian Government's conference in Ottawa today on "Canada's Digital Economy: Moving Forward". Over the course of the day we'll be covering the topics of business innovation, infrastructure, and e-commerce. You can read the background paper online, or watch the live webcast as it unfolds.

There's already a lively Twitter backchannel that seems to include a good number of people in the room as well as folks watching online, and I'll be live tweeting the conference myself.

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Crawling from the wreckage

Five social media lessons for avoiding disaster

Please don't demolish my house

I like to think there are lessons to be had from even the oddest event.

Take today's "holy-crap!" story currently making the rounds of the digital watercoolers: that poor guy in Georgia whose house was torn down by mistake. Reports say the demolition crew went to the wrong location, reducing a half-century-old brick house to rubble.

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Integrating the new hotness

Getting to know a tool before pigeonholing it


A few days ago I got a super-special birthday present (xoxo, Alex!): a new 12" Cintiq, Wacom's combination graphic tablet and display.

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Blog ROI: Open wide...

10 ways to maximize your blog's ROI: Part 9, Embracing openness


There's a convergence going on: some big social and business trends that have one thing in common - the word open.

Whether it's open-source software, or enormous information repositories that are open to be accessed and sometimes even edited by anyone, or the growing requirements for transparency on the part of organizations and governments, your customers, supporters and audience are expecting you to be open to them.

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Social yardsticks: how do you measure social media?

NTEN panel explores social media metrics

I'd been looking forward to catching the session on metrics that Beth Kanter was going to facilitate at NTEN/NTC, and it didn't disappoint.

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Here comes Clay Shirky

Clay Shirky on crowds, the web and success through failure at NTEN

Pizza by the slice

Here Comes Everybody author Clay Shirky manages to jam in more ideas, pithy quotes and gripping stories in one half-hour keynote than some speakers could man

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