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The 5 requirements for using RSS aggregation to build your online presence

Part 4 of a series. Originally appeared on

The rule of 90-9-1 means that small organizations with focused audiences are unlikely to create highly participatory, self-reinforcing online communities. But they can still benefit from using social media tools to engage their audiences in online conversation. And one of the most exciting options is very useful to large organizations and businesses, too.

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Social media for small organizations: why size matters

Part 3 of a series. Originally appeared on

The 90-9-1 principle popularized by Jakob Nielsen says that if you have 100 visitors to your online community site or social media presence, your visitors' participation will look like this:

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The Rule of 84: Social media for your limited budget or small audience

Part 2 of a series. Originally appeared on

"How can our organization create a social media presence?"

The latest person to ask me that question was a dear friend who is on the board of a 2,000-member non-profit. Their next board meeting was coming up, and social media was on the agenda. What kind of approach would I recommend?

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Social media for small organizations

Creating a social media presence in 2010

Part 1 of a series. Originally appeared on

By now, virtually any organization that is committed to the web has asked: how can social media and online community strengthen our relationship to our members or customers, and help us fulfill our mission?

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Ep. 23: the don't-try-to-build-Facebook episode

Podcast: Strategy for a small organization

We're coming up to the fifth anniversary of the Social Signal blog. So it's fitting that this Bedtime with Rob and Alex podcast looks at the heart of what we do: developing strategies for participation.

And this time out, we're looking at strategies for smaller organizations (both in budget and membership). We cover:


Better use two hashes, just to make sure

Better use two hashes, just to make sure

Surely the most sophisticated communications network in human history can resolve this environmental catastrophe - HEY! How about a HASHTAG?!

We are the world, we are the night elves

We are the world, we are the night elves

(gamer to a friend) I'd love to give to charity. But I can't find one that will accept World of Warcraft gold.

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Help me find a Haiti relief agency with peer online fundraising

Like many people, when I heard about the disaster in Haiti, I wanted to help. And I wanted to give others a way to help, too.

Here's what I decided to do: go to a relief agency's web site, and set up a peer fundraising page (along the lines of what Convio, Blackbaud and DemocracyInAction create for their clients).

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Warm hearts vs. cold feet launches "Got socks?" drive

If you've ever accidentally soaked your shoes in a puddle on a freezing day, you'll appreciate how miserable the experience can be... and how desperate you can be to get to your home, school or workplace to change into a spare pair.

When you're living on the streets, though, it's more than just discomfort. Cold, wet feet can quickly become agonizing to walk on - adding a big barrier to finding a job, food or shelter for the night.

And I'm going to let Kate Dugas from take it from here:

Every day is Blog Inaction Day!

Every day is Blog Inaction Day!

(one blogger to another) It's called Blog Inaction Day. We all vote on an urgent issue, then blog about how it needs more study.

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