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Sleep, Data

How to enable sleep on your HP Mini hackintosh netbook

This is a postscript to my series on why & how to Mac-ify a PC netbook.

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When to Mac-ify

Part 6: A checklist of steps to take before installing the Mac OS on a PC netbook

Continued from Part 5: How to decide if you should install the Mac OS on a PC netbook

You'll know you're ready to Mac-ify your netbook once you:

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Who should Mac-ify

Part 5: How to decide if you should install the Mac OS on a PC netbook

Now that you've read about how I mac-ified my HP Mini netbook, and how much I love the results, you may be wondering whether a mac-ified netbook is for you. Here's my quick rundown of who should (or shouldn't) try this at home.

Don't consider Macifying a netbook if...

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What you get from Mac-ifying

Part 4: My $400 MacBook Air Light

Mac HP Mini

Continued from Part 3: How to migrate your current Mac setup to your new Mac netbook

Two weeks into my new Mac-ified netbook, I'm no longer longing for that MacBook Air. While I still find it occasionally inconvenient to work on a teensy weensy screen, the lightness and small form factor of the netbook are actually preferable to the larger (and slightly heavier) Macbook Air. Now that I've got the Mac OS to work with, I realize that my frustrations with the netbook were 90% software, 10% hardware (and the hardware issues are largely addressed by the fantastic Microsoft Arc mouse -- a must, given the poorly-located trackpad buttons on the Mini).

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How to Mac-ify and Migrate

Making a Mac netbook, Part 3: How to migrate your current Mac setup to your new Mac netbook

Mac HP Mini

Continued from Part 2: How to install the Mac OS on a Windows or Unix netbook

Once I finished installing Snow Leopard on my HP Mini,  I did one more incredibly brave and potentially foolish thing. Rather than endure the long and arduous process of installing all my Mac software to the Mini, and having to configure it from scratch, I used Apple's Migration Assistant to move the heart and soul of my Mac directly to the Mini.

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How to Mac-ify

Making a Mac netbook, part 2: How to install the Mac OS on a Windows or Unix netbook

Mac HP Mini

Continued from Part 1: Why to Mac-ify


Here's how Mike told me to test whether I could get the netbook to run the Mac OS:

  1. Format an external hard drive and attach it to your Mac.Insert the Mac OS Snow Leopard Installation CD into your Mac.
  2. Launch the Snow Leopard installer; select the external hard drive as the destination for your installation.
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What I bought for my summer vacation

Best tech gadgets of 2009 (so far)


Our contribution to the economic recovery took the form of feverish technology purchasing throughout April, May and early June. Now that the dust and Visa bills have settled, it's time to stop and rate the roses.

The ratings I've assinged to our past 6 months of tech investments aren't based on assessments of comparative products -- though every product on the list was purchased after reading other people's reviews and comparative perspectives. No, these ratings are based on pure, subjective wow factor: how much each product has filled our hearts with joy, made our lives easier, and inspired evangelical "you gotta buy this cool thing I got" pitches.

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Get a Mac attitude

5 ways to think like a Mac user

Mac brain

This post is the 6th and final post of a series, Getting the most from your new Mac.

You've settled into your new lifestyle; you're moving from Mac newbie to Macompetent. But when you hit the wifi café for an Americano and a little surfing Safari, you feel like all those other Macbook-wielding hipsters can tell you're not quite one of them yet.

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Beat the System

6 ways to customize your Mac's Finder and user experience

Made-up Mac

This post is part 5 of a series, Getting the most from your new Mac.

You've fallen in love; you never knew it could be like this. When you compare the object of your affection to your ex, you can't believe what you once settled for.

But like any lover, you can't help but noticing one or two things that could be just a tiny bit better. Maybe your beloved even has a couple of quirks that are downright annoying. And isn't it your job -- the job of any admirer -- to bring out the best in your darling?

Happily, it's easier to tweak your Mac than to upgrade your boyfriend or girlfriend. Here are some adjustments that any new Mac user should undertake, or at least consider, until your computer is exactly right for you.

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Mac usage has its privileges

4 Mac applications that make you more productive


This post is part 4 of a series, Coming out as a Mac user.

Switching platforms is disorienting, at least until you get up and running with the core software that gives you all the tools you had on your old machine. But you didn't switch to a Mac just so you could do the same old stuff. You switched because you wanted to rock the house, set the world on fire, and bravely go where no Windows machine has gone before. Here are four Mac-only apps that should fill your heart with joy at your newfound powers.

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