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Hooking up and Settling down

Finding and Keeping Love Online: A video Valentine

Social Signal's 2010 Valentine is a celebration of how the Internet can help you find love and keep it alive.

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The slipper

How to make sense of Twitter follows and unfollows

The Slipper

A couple of weeks ago I wrote my most hypocritical tweet ever:

Follows are not love. You are as lovable with 5 followers as with 50,000. You are not your Twitter feed.

@awsamuel Could you pass the salt?

@awsamuel Could you pass the salt?

Couple on a sofa. One, looking at a computer, says to the other, 'I can't talk right now. I'm catching up on your tweets.'

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Making love with social media

How the social web can nourish your most personal relationship

Mouse heart

When you work on something really hard together and enjoy the successes and challenges with each other, and then get through it not just whole but stronger—you realize how blessed you are, how much love you have together.

That sentence could describe my feelings about working with Rob on Social Signal. People are often amazed that I'm able to work with my husband, and ask us how we do it all: the business, the kids, the marriage. I'm amazed at all the people who can hold those threads separately.

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A little birdie told me

Twitter monitoring to strengthen your team

Twitter love

Last weekend I added a search on "@robcottingham" to TweetDeck so that I could track the comments on Rob's Northern Voice keynote. (BTW, if you aren't using TweetDeck to keep track of your Twitter pals, I highly recommend it; like many people I know, Tweetdeck has transformed Twitter from being a tool I use occasionally to a vital part of my workflow and community.)

Til death (or 140 characters) do you part

Til death (or 140 characters) do you part

(minister at a wedding ceremony, while the bride and groom type on their mobile devices) We will now pause while the bride and groom share their vows with their tweeps.

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Halfway to hex

Anniversary gifts for geeks


Last year I marked our anniversary by blogging this list of geek anniversary gifts. As of today, we're at year 9!

Today marks the eighth anniversary of our other founding partnership: our marriage. July 29th, 2000 was the Big Day not only for the two of us, but also for Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.

We know that popular opinion lays the blame for the Brad-Jen breakup at the feet of a certain Ms. Jolie, but we recognize a completely different kind of relationship pressure. With all the press coverage of their marriage, did you ever see them pictured with matching his 'n hers PowerBooks?

We don't want our own marriage to fall victim to the specter of insufficient technology. And yet the traditional roster of anniversary gifts is still geared towards the analog lifestyle.

To celebrate our half-hex anniversary, we're proud to present a new, geek-friendly set of recommended anniversary gifts. Do note that the recommended 8th anniversary gift is a nice, fresh web link...hint, hint.

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