Big whoop. NASA gave me a SHUTTLE!

Big whoop. NASA gave me a SHUTTLE!

(blogger to spouse, under fuselage of large fighter aircraft parked in their driveway) It's an experimental stealth fighter, and it's ours. All I have to do is say something nice about the weapons industry in my blog.

This blog was made possible by...

This blog was made possible by...

(a blogger wearing a shirt covered in logos) FTC rules. I have to wear it whenever I'm blogging.

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It's 10 o'clock. Do you know where your reputation is?

Know the people doing your social media marketing - and their methods and ethics

Cartoon: Can I deceive people passionately, transparently and openly?

It can happen so quickly: a few misplaced tweets, an ill-considered blog post, and suddenly an organization is at the center of an online firestorm. They're called spammers and liars, and tagged with the Hashtag o' Doom, #FAIL. And the worst thing of all is they had no idea what was happening.

Where, oh where, did it all go so wrong?

Probably somewhere around the moment they decided to outsource their social media marketing.

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Fractal blogging

A final dig at our website thieves

A recursive series of screen captures

Ah, there we go - our masterpiece: a screen capture of a stolen blog post that included a screen capture of a stolen blog post that included a screen capture of a stolen blog post.

This little piece of involuntarily collaborative art deserves a title. Suggestions?

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Bookmark Devil readers, please enjoy this stolen post

Screen capture of our blog post about on

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Dealing with scrapers: when people steal your content

One of the great things about the social web is the culture of sharing that it fosters. One person writes a blog post; another quotes it, disagrees with some parts, corrects a passage or two, and adds some more information; a third synthesizes it all into a cool infographic. It's a little like the coolest potluck dinner in history.

But every great potluck dinner seems to attract the folks who have no intention of cooking a damn thing. They're there to gorge on as much Jell-o salad and chicken fingers as they can before someone notices they didn't bring any dishes themselves.

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