See also "Not Destroying the Planet In a Nutshell"

See also "Not Destroying the Planet In a Nutshell"

(a worker on an oil rig carries in an armful of boxes from O'Reilly Media) April 18, 2010: In an alternate timeline, a shipment of three dozen copies of "Stopping Massive Oil Spills: The Missing Manual" arrives just in time

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Intern wanted on the World Wild Web

CPAWS seeks Ottawa web intern

Tell me this isn't someone's dream internship:

Our friends (and The Big Wild clients) at the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Committee are looking for an intern to help them make their web, email and social media presence a thing of grace and beauty. If that sounds like someone you know, do pass along the details:

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At happyfrog.ca, blogging is an EPIC undertaking


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Vancity CEO Dave Mowat is blogging

Add Vancity honcho Dave Mowat's name to the growing list of CEOs who are blogging. And if you head to his blog, you'll notice two things.

One, it's not on the Vancity site. Instead, it's on ChangeEverything.ca, where he's helping to contribute to the conversations there.

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