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Hi, PC World readers - here's your Noise to Signal primer

A little history... and some of the cartoon's greatest hits

@awsamuel Could you pass the salt?

If you're visiting from PC World - or just happened to stumble onto us - we're glad you could come by. Pull up a chair. Lemonade?

Your timing's terrific: I was just about to start the slide show. Oh, no, don't get up - the holiday pictures aren't until later. No, this is all about Noise to Signal, my cartoon about the intersection of technology, communications and life. Sit back and make yourself comfortable.

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The law is an RSS

LexPublica aims to bring open-source principles to the practice of law

LexPublica wordmark

Social media are often called a disruptive innovation: one that surprises markets and, often, threatens market leaders.

A few nights ago, at Vancouver's seventh Democamp (blogged wonderfully by Raul Pacheco here), I caught a glimpse of what may be the latest facet of that disruption.

It was nestled among a series of other fascinating demonstrations - including our friend Kris Krug's use of NetVibes as a personal media monitoring platform; Anahita, a Joomla-based social network platform; and BuddyPress, which turns WordPress MU into a social network. All very cool.

But the thing that really caught my attention was the upcoming service LexPublica.

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Bedtime with Rob and Alex ep.3a

Last night's conversation started with a peculiar case of plagiarism: a romance writer's apparent lifting of entire passages from an article about the endangered black-footed ferret, originally penned for a group called Defenders of Wildlife.

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