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Help write the agenda for the 2010 Nonprofit Technology Conference

SXSW isn't the only fabulous event whose agenda is partly shaped by audience input. NTEN, the Nonprofit Technology Network, will hold its annual conference next April in Atlanta, Georgia... and they'd like you to help them figure out what sessions to offer.

Head on over here for a list of candidates, and start a-clickin'. And if you'd like to leave comments – suggestions, questions, thinly-veiled requests to be included on the panel – just click on the session title.

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"Chicks Who Click" this Saturday in Vancouver

Chicks Who Click logo

Here's an event that looks terrific: a one-day conference in downtown Vancouver for women in social media.

The details:

Chicks Who Click, a conference and networking event for women engaging in social media, is expanding internationally and will host its next conference in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Social media moves forward

Social media questions for Industry Canada's conference on Canada's Digital Economy

Digital Economy conference logo

I'm at a Canadian Government's conference in Ottawa today on "Canada's Digital Economy: Moving Forward". Over the course of the day we'll be covering the topics of business innovation, infrastructure, and e-commerce. You can read the background paper online, or watch the live webcast as it unfolds.

There's already a lively Twitter backchannel that seems to include a good number of people in the room as well as folks watching online, and I'll be live tweeting the conference myself.

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N2Y4 in pictures

Photos from NetSquared Year Four

We had a great two days at Net2 this year. There's always a feeling of homecoming when Social Signallers arrive at the Cisco conference centre in San Jose: the Net2 online community was one of our very first projects, and its extraordinary success is a tribute both to its participants and to the visionaries at Techsoup Global.

For folks who weren't able to make it this year, or who are thinking of coming next year, here's a little taste of what went on:

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"Teh Funny": watch it again for the first time

Rob's Northern Voice keynote now available online

Nancy White captures Teh Funny

Video genius Bruce Sharpe has just posted the video of my keynote from Feb. 21 at the Northern Voice blogging conference in Vancouver. It's my look at what makes the world of social media so damn funny. You'll laugh, you'll cry... and maybe you'll comment on it.

Graphic by Nancy White

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Northern Voice 2009: call for speakers

Northern Voice, the two-day social media and personal blogging conference, is gearing up for 2009 in Vancouver. And first on the agenda is a call for speakers:

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Social Signal at the Blog Business Summit

Blog Business Summit 2007

We're pleased to be sponsoring the 2007 Blog Business Summit, running Oct. 25-27 in Seattle. It's a gathering of some of the leading voices in business blogging:

We’re hoping you can join us to compare notes and discover the latest tools and techniques that will help you take your blogging, videoblogging, and podcasting efforts to the next level.

Business Blogging gurus like Robert Scoble, Matt Mullenweg, Jason Calacanis, Mary Hodder, Buzz Bruggeman, Maryam Scoble, Janet Johnson, Steve Broback, John Furrier, and DL Byron have already said they’re available to take the podium during this year’s event, and many more experts will be joining us onstage during the three-day confab.

And because we're sponsors, we get to offer a special discount on registering. (That's right: we spend money and pass the savings on to you!) Enter the sponsor code SOSIGNAL06 on the second page of the registration site, and they'll knock $100 off the fee. Not bad for a conference that offers everything from the very basics to the latest trends.

If you are planning on coming, let us know – we'll look forward to seeing you there. (And it's your chance to see Alex's now-legendary laptop!) 

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