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Hooking up and Settling down

Finding and Keeping Love Online: A video Valentine

Social Signal's 2010 Valentine is a celebration of how the Internet can help you find love and keep it alive.

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Drawing conclusions

Lessons from cartoon-blogging at the Real-time Web Summit

October's cartoon-blogging at the Real-Time Web Summit was a well-received experiment in innovative event coverage. The response was overwhelmingly positive, the Twitter stream showed people appreciated the added dimension to the event, and the organizers were more than pleased.

Now, two things:

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Congratulations, lakes and!

Thanks to everyone who suggested their favourite cartoons!

A week ago, I asked if you'd lend me a hand choosing which cartoons I should start with as I begin offering limited-edition prints... and you responded with dozens of suggestions.

Thanks so much - it isn't going to be easy to choose! But what was easy was picking a name at random... and lakes, of the Chilean tech blog, will be getting his pick as a snazzy print. (Kind of cool to send the very first one off the continent!)

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Help me choose Noise to Signal limited-edition prints (and win a print for yourself)!

Ever since I started drawing Noise to Signal, people have asked me if it's possible to get a print. I've finally gotten around to looking into that question - and lo and behold, making prints turns out to be perfectly feasible.

So I'm going to start selling prints of Noise to Signal cartoons. And I'd like to do it in two ways.

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New: Noise to Signal postcards

Here's a little something we're trying out on the Noise to Signal cartoon: a postcard feature.


Head to any (recent) Noise to Signal cartoon, and look for the links at the bottom. You'll find a "Send this as a postcard!" link. Click it, and you're off to the races.

Take it for a spin - I'd love to know if it's working for you!

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Now cartooning at One Degree

Exciting news: the wonderful Kate Trgovac has invited me to cartoon at One Degree, the premier gathering place for Canadian online marketing types. Their contributors are some of the smartest people I've met in this field, and I'm delighted to join their ranks.

So head on over, subscribe to their feed, and you can get a sneak peek at a selected Noise to Signal cartoon every week! (The first one's right here.)

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Cartoon: Instant pariah

(Man on bench whispering to a schocked friend) "I don't really like Rocketboom."
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Cartoon: FOAF your way to the top

(TV election coverage) And in the seventh congressional district, it's Chen defeating Tavistock, 29,547 Facebook friends to 25,804.

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