Client: National Public Radio's Berlin Stories

We worked with the creators of the Berlin Stories radio programme to build a simple, elegant site within a very limited budget. Their team wanted a site where they could post podcasts from the shows as well as stories submitted by listeners. A comments function allows users of the site—mainly anglophones living in Berlin—to talk to each other about the Berlin stories and share their own experiences.

How we helped

  • We helped the client find a practical and pleasing strategic social media solution within considerable time and budget restraints.
  • The site was built quickly by customizing a WordPress template. We launched the site as a social media pilot for Berlin Stories, allowing them to gauge the potential for social media quickly and inexpensively.


The Berlin Stories blog has only just launched, but is already filled with high quality audio and written content and appreciative comments from site visitors.


This small and satisfying project confirmed that ightly customizing existing templates can dramatically reduce development time and expenses. Often, the best bet is to use a simple design that lets compelling content shine through clearly.

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