We (heart) the U.S.A.Canadians supporting Americans in Change (through Facebook)

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Obama Hope posterThere was much rejoicing and clinking of glasses/bottles last night as the fact (and scope) of Barack Obama's victory became apparent.

Why so much delight for Canadians? Beyond our family ties to the U.S.,  there's also the simple joy of seeing a great nation taking an enormous step forward – rejecting the politics of division and resentment, and embracing confident, positive engagement with the world while honestly facing up to the very real problems at home.

So how do we give voice to that feeling? How do we express the full range of Canadian emotion, from the mix of tentative hope and lingering apprehension to our eagerness to see this new presidency unfold? What canvas could possibly capture the breadth, diversity and richness of Canadians' affection for the U.S.A. at this moment in history?

We figure a Facebook group oughta do it.

Welcome to Canadians who are proud of our American neighbours. It's a small gesture (we're a few dozen strong as of this morning), just a little elbow nudge to say "Gosh, you're swell for doing this". But you know what? You are.

If you're a Canadian who's pretty psyched about what the future might hold in the new White House, please feel free to join. And if you're an American who'd like to soak up a little affection, do drop by.

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