Three handy tools for engaging on Google+

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If you've had the same experience of Google+ that I have, then you're probably loving the more expansive conversational room, the in-context shared content, the simplicity of Circles, the immediacy of Hangouts.

But you may be missing the handy tools that more-established platforms have developed (or that others have developed for them). I'd like to share things right from Google Reader... share any web page with one click... and see who's been sharing other pages on Plus.

You too? Then I have good news.

The folks I cartoon for every week at ReadWriteWeb unleashed a rapid-fire series of posts today, each with a handy tip or tool for making Google+ engagement that little bit easier:

I'm delighted to see more and more tools coming out to support the Google+ ecosystem. I've found it to be a great place for more indepth, thoughtful conversations, and for discovering content with more context than just the usual "OMG u have 2 c this!!!"

Got any favourite tools, browser extensions or other Google+ add-ons?

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