Using Facebook? Hope you have a camera!Theo Lamb and Darren Barefoot on the science of Facebook for non-profits

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After reviewing 1,000 Facebook posts and updates from 20 non-profits with large followings on the site, Capulet's Theo Lamb and Darren Barefoot can report

  1. a) that it's a really good idea to get other people to tally the metrics for 1,000 separate posts – something they achieved through Amazon's Mechanical Turk; and
  2. people seem to just love simple, evocative text on top of a compelling image.

Actually, they can report a lot more than that... and they did, at last night's NetTuesday meetup at downtown Vancouver's W2 Media Cafe (a terrific space, by the way!)

Here's my cartoon-blog post from the night...

Cartoon-blog notes from Darren and Theo's presentation

And here, if you want to dive in (and you really do), is the presentation itself, as they first delivered it at NetSquared Camp in the spring:

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