Social Speech Podcast, Episode 3: Maggie Fox

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Social Speech - Maggie Fox (v2)

This episode: Social Media Group founder and CEO Maggie Fox

Only a few years ago, business - especially non-tech Fortune 500 business - was pretty skeptical about social media. One of the first people to break through that barrier was Maggie Fox, CEO of Social Media group. And she did it by creating solid strategies rooted in tangible business goals, breaking ground with companies like Ford.

Our conversation looks at everything from handling the backchannel to how you can stand out as a smallfrog presented in a big pond conference. And here are some links relating to our discussion:

Also from the podcast: I'm heading to San Francisco for NTEN's Nonprofit Technology Conference next week. And I'll be speaking at Ignite NTC on the social speech. I'd love to see you there!




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