Free Social Signal ebook: 10 Ways Your Blog Can Provide Real Value to You, Your Organization and Your Brand

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Ebook cover: 10 Ways Your Blog Can Provide Real Value

For anyone who's been told to cut the blog from their communications proposal...

...for anyone who knows their social media activities could pull more of their own weight on the bottom line...

...for anyone who wants to take their blog from the experimental stage to having real-world impact - and real-world value...

...we have something for you.

Today we're launching Social Signal's first ebook, called 10 Ways Your Blog Can Provide Real Value to You, Your Organization and Your Brand.

It's based on one of our most popular blog series, and we think you'll find it timely. Budgets for organizations - whether they're corporations, non-profits or government agencies - are tighter than they've been in a long time, and every program has to justify itself. That's especially true when we're talking about something as new as social media.

One thing you won't have to justify is the purchase price for this book: it's free, in the Open SoSi spirit.

This ebook will help you make a business case for your blog (and for other social media channels). But more importantly, it will help make sure you get as much value from your blog as possible: by building capacity for your team, putting a human face on your organization, creating a crisis communications channel, and more.

It's illustrated with Noise to Signal cartoons, naturally, and licensed under a Creative Commons non-commercial attribution license (which basically means you can't sell it, and if you reproduce it or portions of it, please attribute it to Social Signal with a link to this page).

We would love your comments. Even better, we'd like to hear your ideas for getting value from blogs and other social media tools.

In times like these, organizations have to make every bit of effort and investment count. We hope this book will help make that happen... and we hope you'll join in.

Download it here (PDF)


Srinivas Rao says

May 3, 2010 - 1:06pm


I've been going through your ebook. I'm not sure how I came across you but I'm glad I did. I'm a blogger myself and I run a podcast for bloggers. But for me "real job" I actually work as a social media strategist at an online travel company and one of the things I've wrestled with is the fact that corporate blogs all suck. Personal blogs are interesting. I'm glad to see the feeling I've had of taking the same approach that I've taken on my personal blog on a corporate blog finally put into words in such an eloquent way.  Look forward to future posts from you. If you are up to it, we might have to have you as a guest on our podcast




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