Social media in the mountainsEvent - July 26, 2009: Alex speaks on leadership and dialogue through social media

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This weekend, Alex will speak to the Whistler Forum for Leadership and Dialogue, a group that brings leaders from around the world together to promote civic engagement and collaborative leadership. She'll then be joined by a panel of respondents for an open conversation.

It all promises to be fascinating stuff, and if you happen to be in Whistler, do check it out - guests are welcome to attend for a small donation.

Here are the details:

The explosion of social networks, blogs and user-generated content has given governments, businesses and community organizations new and dynamic ways of engaging with the public. How can organizations make their online conversations meaningful, and how can they attract participation online? This dialogue will look at the best examples and best practices for meaningful and effective engagement online.

A panel of respondents including freelance Globe and Mail reporter Cathryn Atkinson, Forum Council of Advisors Chair Graham Fuller, and Whistler local Lauren Sampson will begin the open dialogue with Alexandra.

At Legends Whistler Creekside - map
$10 donation at the door
For further information contact


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