Crunchy social media strategist shell, gooey social change heart? Two jobs you should know about

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Mountain Equipment Co-opWe've already told you about the (fantastic! exciting!) social media strategist position we're hiring. Now we're thrilled to tell you about another job, this one with one of our clients: The Big Wild, a project of the Mountain Equipment Co-op.

The Social Signal job: First, to recap: Social Signal is looking for a social media strategist who can work with a team to create innovative visions for online community and social media projects, and turn those visions into reality. The right person for this job is great with people, words, technology and details. We need someone who is a strategic communicator: a great writer who thinks in terms of messages, audiences and communications goals. Someone who lives and breathes online, and who is contagiously passionate about what Web 2.0 means for organizations and the world social media. Someone with client relations, public relations or account management experience: a true people person who is also terrific at managing projects, tracking details and getting it all done. Someone who shares our excitement about how social media can support organizational innovation and progressive social change. Read all about the position, including how to apply, here.

The Big WildThe Big Wild job: MEC is looking for a social media visionary of its own. For the past three months, we've been thrilled to work on The Big Wild with MEC and its partner, the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS). The Big Wild is an online community that helps Canadians to enjoy our wilderness -- and to help keep it wild. We'll be able to share more about our work with The Big Wild very soon. For now, let's just say our favorite tags are now made from responsibly-sourced Gore-tex.

MEC is hiring a program director who will take The Big Wild to its next frontier. Over the next year, this person will lead The Big Wild's community-building efforts by expanding its promotional, outreach and partnership efforts, managing its team of staff and contractors, and building its capacity to serve as an effective voice for wilderness conservation. The right person for this job is also good with people, words, technology and details.

So what is a web-loving, community-building, word-smithing, project-managing genius to do? We've created this handy reference table to help you figure out which gig's for you.

MEC’s The Big Wild
Social Signal
The issue you care most about is...
ConservationConservation. No, wait – child poverty. No, wait – privacy rights. No, wait…
Your ideal team is…A small team embedded in a larger organizationA small group where you know everybody well
You’re happiest under a…Rainforest canopyWiFi cloud
You’re more of a…HedgehogFox
You think that hedgehog-fox line is about….Favourite wildlifeWhether you know lots about one thing or a bit about many things
No, really, what is up with that hedgehog-fox thing?You like diving in deep on one issue or project, and working in a sustained way to make it great.
You like diving in deep on a few projects at a time, making a contribution, and then moving onto the next challenge.

For more info about The Big Wild's program director position, download the posting here (pdf).

For more about Social Signal's social media strategist position, check out the job description here.

(And for more about the fox and the hedgehog, read this.)

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