Cartoon-blogging at NTC 2012

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Session notes from Dr. Changelove at #12NTCIt was another great Nonprofit Technology Conference, my second in San Francisco... and my second cartoon-blogging outing for my friends at NTEN.

This time around, the good folks at Rally – a social fundraising platform, and the folks behind a very cool workspace – sponsored the graphic recording effort.

Which meant there were not one but two pens flying during various keynotes and breakout sessions. My colleague was the amazing Kate Rutter, who manages to combine detail, structure and composition in ways that amaze me. You can see the results of our work here.

I'm pulling together the last of my cartoon-blog images, and I'll post them here soon. But in the meantime, here are the cartoons I drew from the floor of the conference. They include my notes from the session on social media policy, led by Idealware's Andrea Berry and Darim's Lisa Colton and centered around their free social media policy workbook.

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