BC Hydro hits YouTube

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Our friends and clients at BC Hydro have made the leap onto YouTube, with a series of videos promoting their newly overhauled, conservation-enhanced web site.

And for Canadian comedy fans, there's a bonus: the first six videos feature Kids in the Hall alum Kevin McDonald, pressed into service as various species of disgruntled British Columbia wildlife.

The videos are geared to getting you to check out BC Hydro's large and growing selection of tips and how-to guides for reducing your energy footprint (with video tutorials that are pretty decent in their own right).

For BC Hydro, it's the latest step in a social media foray that began with the Green Gifts Facebook application. For Kevin McDonald, it's a chance to stretch his acting chops outside the narrow confines of human characters (although there was this guy a while ago...).

Now, if you'll excuse us, we have to go weatherstrip our doorways. Or this here marmot's going to get mighty p-o'd.

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