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Regular readers will recall how excited I am that Noise to Signal is now running at ReadWriteWeb (a great source for news and insight about the business and technology of social media) and that RWW is now ranked number 9 in the whole freakin' blogospheriverse.

(stunned-looking web developer) I sense a great disturbance in the web development community, as if millions of voices cried out in terror. I fear somebody's released yet another frigging browser.So, now, I get to share how excited I am that one of those Noise to Signal cartoons made its way to the front page of Digg on the weekend.

(Digg is a site where people identify and vote for online news stories, blog posts, videos and other digital stuff that they think other people would find interesting. The more votes a piece of content gets, the more prominently it appears.)

Usually, the only feedback I get is when people comment on a cartoon or post it on their own blogs - and each of this is a very welcome bit of encouragement. But it's pretty rare in the blogging world when you get any kind of mass recognition... so the fact that more than 2,300 people voted for my cartoon has me psyched. And strongly motivated to draw more.

Thanks, everyone!


Jodie says

September 9, 2008 - 3:54pm
First off i digged ya. and i digg ya. and i even more digg ya because you gave an explanation of digg and didn't just 'ass'ume that every reader is in the know. Congratulations dear Rob! I can see the day when cartooning is so damn lucrative that it is the focus of your professional attention (oh, plus the stand up for flavour) and wifey decides to lay back, relax and write brilliant musings as the inspiration hits. xoxoxoxo j

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