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How your non-profit can earn revenue with Web 2.0: Part 3 - Earning revenue with advertising

Welcome to the latest installment in our series on revenue sources for non-profit social media projects. Today, I'm looking at what many non-profits first think of (and often, recoil at) when it comes to earning money online: advertising.

If your site attracts a lot of visitors -- or even a niche community of visitors that advertisers want to reach -- you can place advertising on your site to generate revenue. There are three types of advertising to consider:

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YouTube views as a proxy for web success

Comparing the impact of web video on Obama and Clinton campaigns

We're often asked how organizations can measure the return on investment from social media. Frank Rich's column in today's New York Times effectively uses YouTube views as a proxy for the overall success of the Obama and Clinton campaigns in tapping the power of the web:

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Good parenting 2.0

Capitalize on the first-mover advantage of having unique name

Yesterday I Googled each of our kids for the first time, in the form "John Smith".

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Today in the Globe & Mail: Alex & Rob on Reflected Glory Marketing

Today in the Globe & Mail, TBWA President Andrea Southcott features our tips for reflected glory marketing. As Andrea puts it:

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Wrap your brand in reflected glory

How focusing on your community's needs leads to success for your brand

Someone needs to tell the folks at Glad: Unless your customers pay for the privilege of wearing your logo, don't build an online community around your brand. That's rule #1 in marketing with social media -- and reason #1 for instead taking an approach we call reflected glory marketing. In reflected glory marketing you create a web site that resonates with your brand, but focuses on something your customer cares passionately about.

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How your non-profit can earn revenue with Web 2.0: Part 2 - Intellectual property

This week, I return to the questions I recently posed about social media and social enterprise:

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This iPhone weighs four pounds

How the iPhone can have a big impact on busy lives

Today is the 8-day anniversary of my iPhone, and in those eight days a whole bunch of people have asked if I've lost weight. At first I thought it was just that the iPhone made me look thinner -- you know, like a good pair of jeans. But this morning I stepped on the scale and sure enough, I've lost four pounds.

I've done a retrospective analysis of the past 8 days of my life, and I think all four pounds can be directly attributable to significant iPhone-related lifestyle changes:

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Will the real Alexandra Samuel please stand up?

Repurposed avatars spur identity confusion

I knew this charade couldn't last forever.

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Raising community-minded kids: Not just for people in Morningside Heights?

How can we instill social values in our kids? That's a question Rob and I struggle with constantly. In its least subtle form, the inculcation can begin as early as eighteenth months, as we've learned this election season ("No, sweetie, we don't clap forthat man.") At three or four we can toss in a little more complexity ("We don't say Indian, we say First Nations") though no greater nuance ("That kind of car makes the trees cry.")

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Target V.P. Michael Axelin on the seven components of successful innovation

Tonight's symposium featured Michael Alexin, Oberlin College class of '79, V.P. of Softlines Design and Product Development at Target. Yes, this is the man responsible for keeping me clothed during my last pregnancy, and even tougher, the post-pregnancy pre-weight loss months.

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