Bedtime with Rob and Alex ep.3a

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Last night's conversation started with a peculiar case of plagiarism: a romance writer's apparent lifting of entire passages from an article about the endangered black-footed ferret, originally penned for a group called Defenders of Wildlife.

The romance writer was caught by two romance novel bloggers, whose use of that sophisticated plagiarism-detection tool known as Google won them the title of Wildlife Heroes in the latest issue of the Defenders of Wildlife newsletter. Which is where we saw it.

That brought us to an interesting grey area. What about cases that aren't plagiarism - reblogging comes to mind - where no laws are broken, and arguably no ethical breach either? Are ethics and copyright all a blogger should worry about before using material?

Check out the episode to hear what we think... and drop us a line with your own ideas.

And if all of that is a little too weighty for bedtime conversation, well... we have you covered there, too.



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