A social media Valentine

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Dearest Valentine,

It has been five years since I last wrote to you, yet my heart is still
atwitter. And though the untimely demise of so many familiar places casts a Klout over our happiness, I have aHunch we still have a deePinterest in each other.

I don't need to GetGlue to stick to you; Ustream an endless river of joy my way. Heavens to BEtsy, you'd have to be an Android not to feel at least a Flickr of love – if not a Yelp of Delicious passion. And I'm sorry I freaked out when you suggested we get our Groupon in your four-Posterous. I'll admit - I'm a little Square.

Let's never Quorall again. iCloud my own judgement when we're apart, sobBing into my pillow.

It's just that I'm not interested in a mere Qwiki, or hearing that you Facebook Like button me as a friend, but are only interested in LivingSocial. I want to stand beneath your window, and HootSuite, sweet songs of love to you. And I want children – right now, so we can make your mom an Instagramma.

Let's walk the same Path, and forEvernote the joys of
commitMint, our lives LinkedInextricably together.

I'm sorry - I do Yammer on. All I'm saying is please,
be my +1.


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PS - If this letter was tl;dr, fret not - you can always ReadItLater.

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