2008 Nonprofit Software Development Summit

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If you love to visit that exciting, magical place where technology meets social change, you won't want to miss the 2008 Nonprofit Software Development Summit, taking place in Oakland November 17-19.

Building on the success of innovative, engaging collaborative events like Advocacy Dev, the Summit gathers all sorts of people involved in developing world-changing software -- coders, technologists, integrators, nonprofit users, and others -- to network, share skills and hatch mad plans for the future.

Here's a snapshot of the confirmed sessions (expect this list to grow as the Summit draws nearer, and even as it unfolds):

  • Open Source CMS Mini-Summit
  • Assessing Security for Nonprofit Web Apps
  • Listening to Users and Designing Appropriate Tools
  • eAdvocacy Platform and API survey
  • Open Source Case Management
  • The State of Nonprofit CRM
  • API Review: Where Are We At With Tool and Platform Integration?
  • Business Models for Nonprofit Software Development
  • Building Usability into Nonprofit Tools
  • Software Project Management
  • Engineering for Accessibility and Inclusion
  • Helping Non-Techies and Techies Build Successful Software Projects
  • Going Green: Serving Sites on Less Carbon

If that list excites you, then go register already! And if you don't see what you want on there, you could always propose your own session.

Aspiration's events are famous for their participant-driven, hands-on approach. As they put it: "Panels and slideware will be in short supply, supplanted by participant-driven collaborations and small-group formats." So if you do go, leave your laser pointer and dry-erase markers at home. You won't need them.

Find more information at http://www.aspirationtech.org/events/devsummit08

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